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Week 5- Question 3: What information needs and communications challenges

Connecting the people and partners working in the different value chains and technology development activities will require effective flows of information and innovative communication strategies to inform and engage all the partners involved.

What kinds of information and knowledge should the project generate and share? How do you think we might get the lessons and results of the program into the hands of local and international users and audiences?

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5 thoughts on “Week 5- Question 3: What information needs and communications challenges

  1. This can be the proven technologies based on the local conditions and available resources. The technologies should focus not only on production but on profitability as dictated by its market demand. Results can easily be seen if the technologies disseminated generates profit. The people themselves will be the one to crave for it.

  2. The project should develop open and Distance learning(ODL)materials to be disseminated through mobile phone, video conference facilities,community radio and face to face strategies using farmers field school approach

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