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Week 5- Question 2: CGIAR’s catalyst role?

We have highlighted the role of the CGIAR as a catalyst, recognizing that we can make a small but strategic contribution by helping generate the evidence for change and catalyzing the alignment needed to stimulate development of our target value chains.

Does this underplay or overplay the role the CGIAR should be playing at country level? How can the CGIAR best complement existing competencies and capacities at the country level?

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8 thoughts on “Week 5- Question 2: CGIAR’s catalyst role?

  1. Easier said than done. How will CGIAR do it effectively. Who is going to evaluate the CGIAR. The advise has always been participation at all levels of innovation development. That way CGIAR can be effectively evaluated by all other partners.

  2. This should be a coordinated activities with the proper agencies of national government. This is not to surpass them and may affect the implementation of the program

  3. I totally agree with Awasi Asamoah and Jaime Cabarles Jr., views. Once there are key roles assigned to all for a stronger Public, Private Partnership engagement, then the issue of evaluation will be more easily carried out by all. Since partners will be held accountable for successes and failure on the value chain.

  4. The CGIAR can play an important role as a catalyst for change especially through the evidence of research results. It needs to ensure that the evidence it produces is in line with national development plans. If it has strong evidence that national plans for e.g. livestock and fish should be in certain directions, it should present the evidence to government as part of the process of formulating national development plans.

  5. The role CGIAR play at national level is meant to impact positively in the rural areas where smallholder farmers are actively engaged in food production. Farmers need available technologies to increase their production but no proper linkage between these two parties exist. For CGIAR’s impact to be felt by these farmers ,they should establish direct collaboration between community farmer organizations and private sectors to bridge the gap. Thus we should have proper public private partnerships with all stakeholders

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