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Week 5- Question 1: Capacity building for innovation?

Innovation brokerage (facilitating linkages among actors in the innovation system and negotiating towards common goals) at the local value chain level is an intensive process of facilitation and negotiation, especially with the private sector to level the playing field.

Do such skills exist in national partner organizations or should building such capacities be a component of the Mega program?

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12 thoughts on “Week 5- Question 1: Capacity building for innovation?

  1. I think there are all kinds of uncoordinated forms of innovation/knowledge brokerage going on at national levels in most countries.Citing Ghana as an example based on a data I gathered last year from some parts of the country. The idea needs to be sold out to all the partners – governmental, NGOs, Private Sector, International Organizations and Community-Based Organizations based on data, and if accepted, capacity built and implementation initiated.

  2. I think an evaluation of national partners will tell if the have these skills or not. We will all agree that NGO’s and CBO’s do far better than national partners at the grass-roots in most cases.

  3. It all depends on how we look at the innovation brokering. I see it as a “role” that should be performed by multiple actors within the development sector. This role has 4 main functions – Demand Articulation, Network Formation, Process Management, and Supply Activation. Monitoring and Evaluation is part of “Process Management”. While NGOs may be strong in one or two functions, GOs may be better in others, and the Private Sector or CBOs may also have their strength. So it takes collaboration and coordination for the role to be performed.

  4. national organization usually is more on the overseers of the undertakings. Sometimes they may think that what they want to implement is enough but in the actual field is different. the bureaucracy in some other countries may further impede it. Capacity building must be included in the Mega program but as Ben Addom mentioned it must be first sold out to national partners.

  5. Decentralization of activities will make a lot of difference. Capacity building for all stakeholders should be included and the national partners be properly assigned roles that will not bring series of bureaucracy. I greatly buy into Ben Addom’s and Bellini’s suggestions

  6. Innovation brokerage skills do exist, and are an essential part of the process,in key government sectors in Ethiopia dealing livestock and fish. These skills may lie dormant for various reasons and it is for organizations like CGIAR to work closely with them, identify key personnel and make use of their skills by fully involving them in processes such as this current one.

  7. It has not existed in the national partner organization and capacity building should be a component of the megha program

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