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Livestock and fish Mega Program: What the feedback tells us

In the past weeks, we have asked you for comments on the directions and shape of the proposed CGIAR livestock and fish Mega Program. Check the original invitation to comment and the process timetable for more details.

In the past month, this web space and the related wiki have been viewed some 7000 times and we have received 330 comments and feedback to our questions and the surveys. In preparation for a face to face meeting in Addis Ababa, Tom Randolph prepared a short note synthesizing the comments we received on the first two sets of questions.

We also published all the comments and feedback received so far.

See the synthesis of comments by question:

Week 1: Working to transform selected value chains

* Question 1: Impact through focus on value chains?

* Question 2: Can the CGIAR add value to other actors?

* Question 3: Wider impact?

Week 2: Deciding the focus

* Question 1: Good Process for deciding focus?

* Question 2: Relevant criteria for deciding where to focus?

* Question 3: Scaling out impact?

* Question 4: Generating results for other countries?

download the short synthesis note

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