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Feedback: Scaling out impact?

We sought comments on the question: Do you think that successful impact from focusing in a selected value chain in one country can be scaled out to spill the impact over into other countries of the region? What would need to be done to enhance spillover impacts?

Results from the survey:


Strongly agree: 26.7%     Agree:    51.1%                 Disagree: 15.6%    Strongly disagree: 6.7%        No opinion: 0%

Contributors to the blog generally agreed that impact can be scaled out regionally.

Those who disagreed raised concerns about:

  • There is just too much variation, even within countries; varying levels of development, policy environments across countries as an obstacle
  • Similar systems in neighboring countries may face different constraints
  • Scaling out impacts hasn’t been happening and won’t happen on its own and depends on many factors, including the nature of the intervention
  • Lack of cooperation between countries as an obstacle
  • Avoid duplication of efforts by regional partners like CAADP, AU-IBAR
  • List of commodities and countries too narrow and based on current research
  • Haven’t considered small island states facing climate change

To strengthen the scaling out of impacts:

  • Highlight need to repeat IAR4D approach in target areas for scaling out
  • Disseminate successful examples and encourage farmers to visit; good communication strategy
  • Networking
  • Built-in M&E and targeting of scaling out to similar situations; assess through econometric analysis
  • There may be direct economic spillovers, e.g., pressure on neighboring markets
  • Adopt coordinated all inclusive multi-stakeholder partnership approach across adoption domain
  • Lead by capacity building activities, especially for entrepreneurship and private sector
  • Explore all means for stimulating private sector to take up and scale out
  • Can happen through trans-boundary movements
  • Promote a generic approach that is not context specific
  • Use multiple pilot programs to assess impact better
  • Demonstrate cost efficiency of approach in initial sites