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Face to face consultation: Notes from a visit to Uganda

Uganda Stakeholder Consultation on CGIAR Megaprogram 3.7 on Livestock and

on ‘More Meat, Milk, and Fish By and For the Poor’

Consultation meeting organized by ILRI, WorldFish, CIAT, and ICARDA,

Uganda, 20 August 2010

A series of consultations that took place between 17th and 20th August to explore opportunities for focussing on fish value chains in Uganda. These were attended by Dr Stephen Hall (WorldFish Director General), Dr Tabeth Chiuta (WorldFish Regional Director, Africa) and Dr Malcolm Beveridge (WorldFish Discipline Director, Aquaculture and Genetic Improvement.

The objective of these consultations was to:

  1. Introduce our preliminary thinking to stakeholders and test it through dialogue.
  2. Gauge the level of alignment between these ideas and the interests and needs of stakeholders.
  3. Seek endorsement and support by relevant government agencies.
  4. Identify development, research and policy partners to work with us to co‐develop these ideas
    into a program that will really have impact at scale.

Consultations were held with the key department s in the Ministry of Agriculture, Animal Industry and Fisheries, the Aquaculture Sector Working Group of the Plan for the Modernization of Agriculture, national research partners, ASARECA, and representatives from the private sector, NGO and donors agencies.

For each group a brief outline of the megaprogram concept was provided and this was followed by discussion of the ideas presented and more in depth discussion of current issues constraining the development of the sectors value chains.

Download the full report

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