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6 thoughts on “Week 4- Question 3: Balance of short-term adaptive research and longer-term blue sky research is appropriate?

  1. It is appropriate to seek a balance, but the balance is not necessarily in the middle between them. Short term research can also be done in partnership with development organisations and private enterprises, but basic (blue sky) research should be in the focus of a CG-center

  2. There has to be a balance between short term need based adaptive research to address specific problems and long term blue sky research to prepare for future challenges.

  3. Though adaptive research to address specific issues is important, blue sky (basic)research will help to prepare for unforeseen situations.

  4. Sorry but I don’t think this covers the spectrum of research which the CGIAR should be engaged in. Research does not neatly fit into categories of ‘blue-sky’ and ‘adaptive’. Rather there is a continuum which includes strategic research between these 2 extremes. From my perspective the CGIAR should be ‘mining’ the findings of blue sky research from elsewhere (universities in particular) and conducting strategic research to explore those advances within the known context of the specified value chains.

  5. CGIAR should be more focus on the blue sky research, which would be good guiding the research trend in global level

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