CGIAR / CIAT / Engagement / ICARDA / ILRI

Face to face consultation: Notes from the Mali workshop

Mali Stakeholder Consultation

on Shaping the CGIAR Mega Program

on ‘More Meat, Milk, and Fish By and For the Poor’

Consultation meeting organized by ILRI, WorldFish, CIAT, and ICARDA,

Bamako, Mali, 26 July 2010

Key issues discussed in this national workshop included:

  • Why livestock and fish?
  • How can we help small-scale producers meet new demands for fish and livestock products?
  • How can we identify opportunities to develop capacities to work more effectively toward greater development impacts?
  • How can we create the flexibility to develop different types of partnerships thus contributing to changing the institutional environment for livestock policy?
  • How can we modify our current fragmented research approach toward more integrated, cross-cutting, and multi-disciplinary research-for-development strategies?
  • How can the CG centers leverage their knowledge brokering skills for engagement with partners in the work of transforming specific value chains in selected countries?

Download the full report

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