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Introducing the Livestock and Fish E-consultation

To get your input on our Mega Program proposal under development, we would like to structure the discussion around a central topic each week over the coming four weeks. Each week, we will highlight an aspect of the proposal on which we would especially like to have your feedback and suggestions.

You can get more detail by reading the complete linked concept note.

We will first explain the issue, and then ask 3-4 specific questions. We would like to capture your responses in two ways: first in survey format clicking on a choice, and secondly as comments to the blog to allow you to explain your answer and discuss related issues.

How will your answers be used?

We will be compiling your answers and comments to share with the team developing the proposal, and will also summarize them for presentation at a stakeholder workshop to be held at ILRI in Nairobi on August 24-25.

So let’s get started:

Please comment on the proposed approach: Working to transform selected value chains

Please comment on the focus we should take in terms of specific value chains and locations and ways to scale out impact

Please comment on how best we should address gender issues in the mega program

Please comment on how we can best link technology generation activities with value chain development efforts

Introducing the proposed Mega Program: